Hip hip hurah! We have a new house and new puppies! Mother Flocke van de Boetheeren gave birth to 5 beautiful pups at 9-7-2015. Father Daily Bark Roll Over is very proud too. Two boys and two girls, all healthy!



Daily Bark Roll Over

Flocke van de Boetheeren







Hello dear Schnauzer friends,

Our Doortje van de Boetheeren has begotten size beautiful pups on 12-08-2014: 3 males en 3 females.

Daddy Impacto vom Portenschlag from Argentinia is very sweet and proud. N.B. Our Impacto lives with our son Hendrik-Jan and enjoys himself very much, walking and such...







Hip hip hurrah! Our champion ROSE VAN DE BOETHEEREN has given birth to four beautiful puppies on 26-7-2013. Two boys and two girls. All about 200 grams. Mother and pups are in good health and are doing fine. Also father BENJI is very enthousiastic. If you are interested in one of our beautiful pups please contact us.

Here Mamma Leneke holds the big boy GEORGE tightly.

And here mamma Leneke hold the girl GWENN tightly as well. But GWENN is protesting, as you can see.

12-3-2013 - PUPS OF TIKVAH

 We've got puppies!!

Very beautiful deep black ones! 2 girls and 2 boys, all about 200 gram.

They were born on 7-3-2013.

Mama TIKVAH is doing very well and papa Benji likes to peek at the pups every now and then.

Very beautiful Champions of the future??!! Time will tell.

Attention: The new female Flokke stays with mama. (Often on the lap and sometimes in bed)




And here are the puppies of OILLILY and ROSE, 9 weeks old...

Are these the future champions??... YES WE CAN!!

With a little bit of help from me!

Dear Schnauzer greetings,




Here are the pups of ROSE and QUEEN. Four weeks old (2 x 3). They all found a lovely and warm home.


And here after 8 weeks...






This is how the pups of OLANA and BENJI look after 6 weeks.

And this is how they look after 8 weeks




The two males YARO and MOOS and the lady Yscha have found lovely mams and dads.



In autumn we hope to receive puppies from our champion ROSE VAN DE BOETHEEREN (Youth Winner Amsterdam 2008, Bundes Youth Sieger 2008, Dutch Youth Champion) Together with our BENJI KA-VANGA (Bundes Jugend Sieger 2009, and father of the pups of OLANA).

13-04-2010 - OLANA VAN DE BOETHEEREN and BLAZING STAR BENJI KA-VANGA have become three very beautiful puppies.
One girl and two boys. They really look magnificent.

On 7-9-2009 our Oilily van de Boetheeren was mated by Moos-Ebby van de Vanenblikhoeve (H. Bruintjes).





And we, Oilily and Moos, have become very beautiful children at 7 november, 4 black men.

Here two pictures after two days.

Strong, healthy and very hungry. 



The 4 black men have found a warm home.










2 Juli 2009

My name is Queen van de Boetheeren (Actually my mama Leneke calls me Supie).

In the beginning I was...

And then...

Our super homepet 'Supie' (her official name is Queen van de Boetheeren), for the first time shown on her first anniversary (02-02-2008) at the intenational CACIB show in Eindhoven (NL). An Excellent 1, and the most beautiful female in the youth class was her reward. Supie isn't it!

And now...

I was at many important dog shows in The Netherlands and in Germany (always Excellent 1, so the judges said).

Isn't it super!!!


And this is how the pups from Oilily look after six weeks

And like this after 8 weeks...


And like this after 10 weeks...



Hip hip Hurrah, we have puppies!
On August 23, our OILILY VAN DE BOETHEEREN has brought us 4 beautiful and healthy puppies (2 girls and 2 boys).

Oilily is super happy and is a wonderfull mother. She does not move from her place and only has eyes for her children. Even making pipi in de garden goes "under protest". And the puppies? They drink themselves fat and round already the first 5 days and grow and grow!


Dear Schnauzer friends,

All our puppies of Johanna and Lexie have found their new homes. As a farewell the last picture with us. We will miss you 'banditos'.


Dear Schnauzer friends,

DON'T FORGET US! Lexie and Yahoo have the honour and pleasure to inform you that we have given birth to 5 lovely, healthy and beautiful offspring (two boys and three girls).
They were born on 11-01-2008.
You are welcome to visit us after a phone call.
Lexie and Yahoo.
Also on behalf of Leneke and Walter van Maanen.

"This is the day"
Grandma, mom, granddaughter + 5 super pups


Dear Schnauzer friends,

Hear, hear! Johanna and Yahoo have puppies.
4 ladies and 1 gentleman (born 29-12-07).
The first pictures: drinking and sleeping

Here Leneke with Robbie (the male) and the fat girl. Eight days old.


Dear Schnauzer friends,

Our multi-champion MADE IN SPAIN YAHOO has mated our JOHANNA VAN DE BOETHEEREN, the mother of Oilily and Olana (see news and females) on October 31.
Boy-o-boy, what a party. And... YAHOO went on partying, on November 12 he mated our European champion LEXIE VAN DE BOETHEEREN.

And now we are waiting and have our fingers crossed...

Seriously interested Schnauzer lovers can be placed on our waiting list for pups from these champion combinations, ONLY BY TELEPHONE CALL. We want to have voice-to-voice contact with the potential new owners. For us, e-mail is too impersonal and we want the best 'parents' in the world for our pups. At the end of the day dogs are no consumer goods, but lovely mates.


Leneke van Maanen (Here with SUPIE, 9 weeks old 4-4-2007)



They all have found a great new daddy and/or mummy and say goodbye to father Yahoo and the mothers Lexie and Johanna. We will miss these sweet puppies, but that is life for pups, their parents and the breeder.


I (Supie) stay with mamma. All my brothers and sisters are gone, but I feel completely at home between all these "big" black miniatures.



Supie 9 weeks old