Olana van de Boetheeren
born. 2006-03-01

Olana van de Boetheeren


Hello dear schnauzer friends! 

I (Olana) was again allowed to go to show on-10-2008, this time to Dortmund to the big Bundes Sieger Show. And gues what......
Excl1, CAC-CACIB, VDH and BUNDES SIEGER and also German Champion PSK.

Not bad, isn't it?

Love from Olana


Hello Schnauzer friends,
It's been a while that mamma Leneke took me (OLANA VAN DE BOETHEEREN) to a show. She was too busy with other things. But now it had to happen again.
To Dortmund in Germany to the EUROPA SIEGER. My little sister (LEXIE VAN DE BOETHEEREN) was in 2004 already EUROPA SIEGER. And my house mate YAHOO got the title last year. Now it was my show and gues what: Excl1, CAC, CACIB, ánd EUROPA SIEGER. So for my mom Leneke 3 times Europe Champion in a row. She was very proud with me: Great he?

And then mom also took me one week later to the great CACIB show in Arhem (NL) and? I became the most beautiful black miniature with Excl1, CAC, CACIB and BOB.

So for my part this will do for a while. I rather play with my mates in the garden.

So long,


Hello dear Schnauzer friends,

Here is Olana again, back home in Holland after four days in Saarbrücken, Germany, at the most important German show for Schnauzers, the "Jahres Sieger Ausleser". In a very big building with 311 schnauzers and pinchers (what a noise), but I kept my head and upper lip stiff.

I had to compete with 51 black miniatures. Was I the most beautiful?... Or one of the other males and females?

To make a long story short, for I am tired and glad to be back home.

So... the judge (mrs Rolof) said to my mom (Leneke van Maanen) that I was the most beautiful of them all Excl1, Jahres Jugend Sieger, BOB and much more.

But now I'm going to sleep.

Olana van de Boetheeren



02-09-2007 Osnabrück (D.)
Exl1, CAC, VDH, BOB / Best of breed, BIS / best in show
Judges: Mr. H. Becker (Germany) / Mrs. M. Felsche (Germany)

I (Olana) have been visiting for the first time a dog show in Ibbenbüren Germany in December. Together with 120 other schnauzers was a little bit frightening but I survived with: EXC1, KSA, VDH, BOB and much more. And I became the number 1 miniature schnauzer of the whole show. Quite a performance with all those other blacks, whites, pepper and salts and blacksilvers.

For me this is just a reason to be a little proud

Best regards from Olana van de Boetheeren