Oilily van de Boetheeren
born. 2006-03-01





On 3 november 2007 I went with mamma Leneke to a big show in Bleiswijk (NL) and gues what! Excellent 1, CAC and CACIB. Not bad for my nineteen months huh!

Regards Oilily



I (Oilily) had to go (pappa and mamma told me so) to Recklinghausen (all the way to Germany), to a dog show. Quite funny and exciting and I became the most beautiful dog of the show (BIS). It was raining cats and dogs but I had to go through, and I did. I think the super bowl is very nice, but I prefer to play in my own garden. By the way, I also was in Leeuwarden (Holland) at a CACIB show the best black miniature in the youth class, super isn't it

Best regards Oilily van de Boetheeren